Latin Internet Radio: Catering To Latin Music Lovers

If you love to hear Latin American music like the Tango, Samba, Salsa, Bassa Nova or Bolivian music, and are looking for ways to hear your favorite beats at the time of your choice, Latin internet radio is the best choice for you. Advancements in technology and the development of newer techniques like streaming have made it possible for radio stations to offer a large variety of music to music lovers via the internet. More than 50 Latin internet radio sites are currently operational and offer varied types of Latin American songs and styles of music.

Latin Internet Radio: Offering All Forms of Latin American Music

Latin America is home to many diverse music styles that are loved and enjoyed by music lovers across the world. Latin music is very diverse and the only thread unifying the various forms of music listened to and developed in various Latin American nations is the use of Latin derived languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese and the language used in Haiti AM FM Radio Spain.

Whether it is the Tango and the Argentine Rock from Argentina, Bolivian music, the Samba and Bassa Nova from Brazil or Spanish Reggae that is quite popular in Portugal, music from Latin American countries is world famous for its vigor and rhythmic beats. Several Latin radios have come up to cater to the needs of Latin American music lovers and offer music of varied types, whether it is the Conjunto music of Northern Mexico or the sophisticated Habanera of Cuba, the rhythmic beats of the Puerto Rican Plean or the symphonies of Heitor Villa-Lobos over the internet.

Latin Internet Radio: How it Works

A Latin internet radio, like all other internet radios, operates through the transmission of audio services via the internet and allows listeners to tune in to the music of their choice via the computer, without the need to download anything. These broadcasts are sent through a technique called streaming, which allows continuous receipt of data that can than be heard by users with a lag time of up to ten seconds. The lag time is attributable to the fact that the data is sent through a TCP/IP connection and than reassembled before the users actually get to hear it.

If you too wish to hear music of your choice, all you need to do is to get a broadband connection and streaming audio software, such as Windows Media Player or Real Player. The use of this software provides you access to not one but thousands of radio stations, including Latin internet radio stations. All that is then left for you to do is to log on to, a free internet radio station offering a wide variety of music genres from across the world.

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